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We are Seeking Funds for New Mobile Blood Donation Bus

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The easy and simplified approach to donate your money online in purchasing mobile blood bank vehicle & equipment's, and know about how your money is helping to save the lives of numerous people. Giving back is good....login and donate a penny today!

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Goal ₹3,800,000.00

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Project and Cause

This is a fundraising project for purchasing mobile blood bank busses with pre-installed tools and equipment for blood collection. In today's world, people are in search of blood every two seconds. Most of the patients are getting admitted in either emergency or critical conditions, and the available time to arrange a blood donor is a cumbersome task. To avoid these circumstances and help the emergency people, AndamanDev steps-in with this unique blood bank scheme where the donor can register online, and we visit the place to collect and procure the blood.

The company is looking for various funding sources to meet the installation and purchase costs of mobile blood collection vehicles & other equipment. Since the project is entirely a social-service based and for the well-being of people, the company is also searching for ideas to enhance further the quality of blood collected and served in the hour of need.

How it Helps the Needy People

The collected blood will be either provided to the Govt. hospitals or directly to the needy people. Since, this complete project is working for a social cause, we are operating on no-cost basis. We will either raise funds from the people for buying expenses or manage from the funds available from partners and subsidiary firms. The initial launch will be from one bus and expands to numbers on the basis of funds received through this website.

The donor can book the appointments or attend a drive near their locality. By donating blood, you are doing the part of AndamanDev community social service initiative to help the needy and ensure every people will receive the better medication during emergency conditions. Apart from that, if you are part of this blood donation community, the company will support you during the need of blood conditions.

Furthermore, since, the collected blood is stored in the Govt. hospitals and blood banks, it is ensured that the blood will be given the poor and needy people at free of cost. It will be preserved at utmost care and under the supervision of Govt. represented doctors and medical practitioners.

"The simplest way to take part in the social service projects and involve in the development of the society and mankind"

Red Bus Save Life

The Red Bus Save Life concept symbolizes the conversion of a penny to a life-saving module. We collect a penny or more, as per their capability, from the individuals and leverage to buy the efficient life-saving module. This Red Bus, continues to segregate the money unless and until it is sufficient to buy a medical mobile blood bank facility. The money collection process is continuous and the blood bank facility will be enhanced throughout the region.

Since this project of deploying blood banks is implemented in every locality of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Govt Hospitals, CHC, PHC and all type govt medical facility will receive daily basis although this bus carry a storage capacity.

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